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We believe that wearing a school uniform promotes a sense of identity and belonging to a community, and instils a sense of pride in the children.

They are therefore encouraged to wear school uniforms at all times and to be neat and tidy.


For a list of items we sell and the latest price list, click here.

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  • Black trousers (tailored fit) / skirt/pinafore dress.

  • N.B. Leggings and culottes are not allowed as alternatives to trousers.

  • A blue & white checked dress or black shorts can be worn between Easter and October.

  • Plain pale blue shirt/polo shirt (must have a collar) with or without the school logo.

  • School sweatshirt or cardigan with logo.

  • Socks should be black/grey. Black tights may be worn with a skirt or pinafore dress. White socks may be worn with the blue and white checked dress.

  • School shoes must be black, low heeled and suitable for active play at school. N.B. trainers/trainer-style shoes or boots are not permitted, and open-toed sandals should not be worn, even in the summer term.

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