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Governing Body

The governors may be contacted via the school office by email to:, who will then advise you on the best person to speak with.


Further information on the Governing body will be available shortly.

Statutory policies and other important information can be found in the policies section of the website.

Interested in being a Governor? Please contact the Clerk, Patricia Ferrus, at the school or visit the KCC website accessible here.

Chair (Co-opted Governor)
Jane Prideaux (Pupil Premium)


Partnership Governors


Other Co-opted Governors

Terri Daters (Primary School Improvement)

Simon Pleace (Finance & Premises)
Roslind Fisher 

Local Authority Governor

Parent Governors
Cilem Dogan 
Emma Halliwell 

Staff Governor

Kelly Goldup

Headteacher Governors
Karen Follows (Interim Headteacher Long Mead)

Clerk of the Governors
Patricia Ferrus

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