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Breakfast Club

Long Mead offers a breakfast club which is operated by our school staff solely for pupils from the school.

The hours are 8 am until 8:30 am each day.

Children are provided with breakfast such as cereals, crumpets, muffins, pancakes, toast, and fruit juice, and then have the opportunity to play various games or take part in craft activities before the start of school.

We do make a charge for this which is currently £2 per day, those eligible for Free School Meals can be offered free place.

Places are limited but we are generally able to accommodate all those that wish to have a place and can offer some one off places if a chid care need arises expectantly.

Please contact the school office who can provide you with the necessary forms if you would like your child to attend.

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Lunchtime & After School Clubs

Long Mead offers a range of lunchtime and after school clubs. A letter/survey is sent home at the beginning of terms 1, 3 and 5 for children to sign up for school clubs.

See below the clubs offered during terms 1&2. If you would like to sign your child up for a club please contact the school. 

Lunchtime Clubs

Monday - Choir (Yrs 4-6)

Monday - Sports 
club (Yrs 3-6)

Tuesday - Times Tables (Yrs 3-6)

Tuesday - Year 6 tutoring

Tuesday - Girls Rugby (Yrs 3-6)

Wednesday - Library Club (Yrs 3-6)

Wednesday - Boys Rugby (Yrs 3-6)

Thursday - Playtime Games (Yrs 1-6)

Thursday - Gardening club (Yrs R-6)

Thursday - Homework club (Yrs 1-6)

Friday - Trading club (Yrs 1-6)

Friday - Sports club (Yrs 1-6)

After School Clubs

Monday - Sports club (Yrs 3-6)

15:20 – 16.20

Tuesday - KS1 Drawing club (Yrs 1-2)

15:20 – 16.00

Wednesday (term 1) - Maypole  club (Yrs 3-6)

15:20 – 16.20

Wednesday (term 2) - Cheerleading club (Yrs 3-6)

15:20 – 16.20

Thursday - Football club (Yrs 3-6)

15:20 – 16.20  


Friday - Multi-Sports (Yrs 3-6)

13:20 - 14:20

Friday - Craft Club (Yrs 1-6) 

13:20 - 14:20

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