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Long Mead is a well-resourced single form entry school, set in beautiful grounds that support the delivery of a rich broad and balanced curriculum. The school takes pride in providing a caring and friendly community where staff, pupils, parents and governors work collaboratively to provide an environment where each child is able to fulfil their potential.

Governing Body Vision & Values

Aspiring to be Outstanding.

  • We review, question and check the schools’ self-evaluations to ensure they are robust, challenging and aspirational.  

  • We externally validate the schools’ self-assessment at least once a year, including safeguarding.

  • Our schools are tolerant and inclusive places where every child and member of staff has the right to be safe, happy, respected and receive equality of opportunity. 

  • We request surveys and meetings with stakeholders. 

  •  We receive and challenge information from Senior Leaders about any incidents of discrimination. 

  • We ensure our schools are both physically and emotionally safe places by challenging Senior Leaders, visiting and speaking to stakeholders.

Disadvantaged Children Are Given the Best Opportunities.

  • We have appointed a Governor with responsibility for disadvantaged children. 

  • We require high expectations and aspirations for all disadvantaged children.

  • We scrutinise the annual report on the use and impact of Pupil Premium funding. 

  • We challenge data on outcomes, attendance and behaviour for disadvantaged children.

  • We investigate the range of opportunities available to build social and cultural capital.

Preparing for the Future. 

  • We are building capacity, anticipating challenges, minimising risks and developing personnel. 

  • We monitor policies, finance, staff development and appraisal.

  • We attend training to keep ourselves informed of changes and challenges ahead. 

  • We ensure all children are well prepared through the information, advice and guidance they receive.

Every Child Achieves Their Best Academically & Socially

  • We receive an annual report on external exam results and an analysis of current progress which is challenged. 

  • We check that teaching is personalised, rigorous, challenging and intellectually engaging.

  • We review the curriculum to ensure it is meeting the needs of learners. 

  • We monitor attendance, behaviour incidents and participation to ensure all children are fully engaged.

Providing the Edge.

  • We monitor the unique set of opportunities provided, and the curriculum offered,  to prepare every child well for their future. 

  • We find out if stakeholders are satisfied with the opportunities available.

  • Developing leadership, character and British values.

  • We check how students and staff are being supported to develop their leadership. 

  • We monitor the provision of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education.

  • We investigate how character and strong values are developed.

  • We check to ensure any radicalisation or extremism is effectively tackled. 

  • We monitor the appraisal policy to ensure its effectiveness.

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