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Severe weather / snow arrangements

Long Mead will make every effort to stay open in the event of extreme bad weather. However, there may be circumstances where we have to close to ensure the safety of staff and children. If the school does have to close then a text message will be sent home. A message will also be placed on the KCC School Closures web site Parents can register for text and email alerts on the Kent Closures website, which means that as soon as the status of the school is changed on the website, registered parents will receive a text or an email.

What if the children are at school already? If it is necessary to close the school during the day then a text will be sent home to inform parents to collect their children. If it is not safe to drive the minibus then parents of the children using the minibus may need to make arrangements for their children to be collected from school. If the weather is deteriorating then the school will make every effort to give parents sufficient notice to make those arrangements, and we would be grateful if parents could make plans in advance if bad weather is expected.

What should you bring to school? In severe weather it is advisable to send your child with additional clothes and wellingtons. Also, as we get our school dinners delivered from Nexus, if they close it is unlikely Long Mead will be able to provide a hot lunch, and a text message will be sent requesting you send your child with a packed lunch even if they are in receipt of Free School Meals.

Getting your child to school. I understand that for those of you who live some distance from the school it may be difficult for you to bring your child to school, but there is an expectation that pupils who live within the locality WILL attend if we are open.  Please be aware that in accordance with our attendance policy, if it is felt that the absence was unnecessary this will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.


How can I access work? If the school is closed then on the first day work will be set by 9.30am and emailed home / put on the website. If the school needs to be closed for an extended period of time then work will be set via Teams.

How can I contact the school? If you need to contact the school then please use one of the following options:

School Office (if open) – 01732 350601

School Mobile – 07756 018 437

School email –

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