Year 1

Spelling group:


Your child will receive personalised spellings on which they will be tested each week.

Please ensure that your spelling homework is completed and returned to school in the folder in time for the spelling test each Thursday.


Spelling investigation:

Practice reading the words and then writing the words into sentences.


Mrs Fox – Alexandru, Alfie, Dominic, Agata,  Leo,  Scarlett,  Jenna-Mai, Connor, Jessica

Fog   log   hop   pop   mop   top   can   mum   it   off

Mrs Wright Marley, Cherry Lea, Florence, Lily, Sian, Vishnu, Alan, Breadon

Bone   pole   home   alone   those   use   rule   June   cube   tube   oh   their

Miss Alexander – Tyler, Elijus, Gracie, Callum, Louise, Ryan, Clayton, Kathryn

High   sigh   sight   night   right   might   light   she   was   you

Miss Barnett – Leyton, Nairit

Ship   chip   buzz   box   wag   jam   shin   will   for   she

Mrs Mitchell – Joseph, Mckenzie

Put   putting   clap   clapping   slim   slimming   stop   stopping   get   getting   looked   called

Theme Homework

Town and Country

Out: Friday 11th March 2016

In: Friday 18th March 2016

preparing for learning in school

consolidating learning from school

applying learning from school

Activity Guidance:

Our topic this term is ‘Town and Country’, we are learning about the similarities and differences between the town and the countryside.  We are looking at countries and capital cities, describing places using geographical vocabulary, writing stories and letters, and learning about different artists. This week I would like you to complete the ‘In the Town I see…’ sheet.  Think about a visit you have made to any town (including Tonbridge), draw a picture of what you saw and write some sentences about it.

As a Key Stage we are disappointed with the amount of homework being handed in (especially topic work).  Please ensure that your child completes their homework by Friday.  If it is not handed in on Friday morning then your child will miss their playtime in order to complete their homework.  If there is a problem with the homework or you have a genuine reason why it is not completed please let the class teacher know.

Please note P.E. is now on Monday until the Easter Holidays.  If all the children have their P.E. kit on Monday they can have a Goldfish towards their class treat. Also earrings should not be worn on P.E. days unless the children can remove them unaided. Hair should also be tied back for P.E.

Reading: Please read with your child every day! Books will be changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but will only be changed if parents/carers have written in the comments box. It is expected that you listen to your child read for at least 5 minutes per day. It is also brilliant if you read to them, this could either be a book from home, a bedtime story bag or a favourite book from our class library.

Maths Task:

Complete the dividing by 2, 5, and 10 sheet.

Mental Arithmetic:

Red Tables:

Practise counting forwards and backwards to 20.  When they are confident with this practice counting in 2s to 20

Yellow Tables:

Practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s to 20 and 10s to 100


Practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s to 20, 5s to 50 and 10s to 100

Guidance for Parents

If your child needs help with their maths homework, please remind them that dividing by 2 is the same as halving so to answer 6 ÷ 2 they need 2 circles and then share the 6 ‘one for you, one for me’ until there are none left.  For dividing by 5 we have drawn five circles and then shared the number out into the five circles, and the same for dividing by ten, just drawing ten circles.  For the children who sit on the blue table we have been learning to draw our own number lines to solve these problems.  They can do this to solve the calculations if they would like.  If they need support to complete their homework could you please write a ‘S’ on the sheet or if they complete it without help please write an ‘I’.



If you would like to send any of the children’s homework via email to be printed off, please send it to:



Please Note

Homework is designed to support a child’s learning - preparing for, consolidating or applying learning in school. Class teachers make every effort to set appropriate broad activities for different ability groups (not individuals) in the class.  Individuals may sometimes find activities too hard or too easy. This can, occasionally, lead to significant stress for parents and children – if it does, parents are strongly encouraged to contact their child’s classteacher immediately.  National guidance advises homework should take approximately 1.5 hours per week (not including reading for pleasure). If your child seems to be taking significantly longer or shorter than this and you are in any way concerned please contact your child’s class teacher. Ultimately, it is for parents to manage and support their children’s homework and work with class teachers to explore issues if learning is frustrated.