Tonbridge Federation

The Tonbridge Federation is a partnership between Hugh Christie School  and Long Mead Community Primary School with strong links to the Little Foxes Children Centre.

All  partners are committed to working together with the public services and the local community to improve the life chances of all young people in Trench Ward and surrounding areas of North Tonbridge.

Our key aims;

 •By working together we can do more to provide a better learning experience;
•Offering children and parents more opportunities for learning.
•Improving motivation and confidence.
•Creating greater challenge and support.
•Effective use of funding allowing more money to be spent on the education of children with more focused support for families.

Our staff are our greatest asset.

•A Federation Principal leads the federation, with a Head of School  in each school
•We provide staff with greater opportunities for increased breadth and depth of experience with improved promotion prospects, continual professional development and a wider sharing of knowledge and expertise.
•We allow staff to have the opportunity to become involved in a more innovative and exciting curriculum in a stimulating environment that encourages research and development.
Community partnerships will support:
 •Improved opportunities for lifelong learning.
•Increased use of school buildings with better community based facilities including out of school clubs and child care.
•Supporting children to become good citizens with improved preparation for employment/on-going education and an awareness of their roles and responsibilities within and beyond their local environment.
•Closer understanding of people’s needs, extending support for children and families.
•Improved health and well-being of people within the community.
The Little Foxes Children’s Centre is based on the Long Mead Primary School site, where a Children’s Centre Manager is in charge of the Children’s Centre which is managed directly by KCC.

Please click here to view details of the activities at local Children Centres including those at Little Foxes.


What is The Children’s Centre and why is it involved

The Children’s Centre is a service hub where children under five years old and their families can receive seamless integrated services and information. The aim of the centre is to ensure that every child gets the best start in life.

This is achieved by offering

 •Integrated early education.
•Support for parents – including advice on parenting, local childcare options and access to specialist services for families.
•Child and family health services – ranging from health screening, health visitor services to breast-feeding support.
•Helping parents into work – with links to the local Jobcentre Plus Centre and training.