Useful links

We will add to this page some useful links that parents can use to support the work the children are doing in school.

There is also a link to a document from YMCA about the counselling service they offer to parents and children.

bbc bitesize

Staying safe NSPCC and Childline you can also find help and support for both parents and pupils at


Youtube also has many great songs and raps to learn all the timetables!

Some other useful links that may help for information about staying safe online and if you need help with staying safe in general are:


Childline (Upper KS2) (Upper KS2)

Horrible histories online safety videos (KS2) (KS2) (KS1) (KS2) (KS1) (KS2)

RE:  This site gives information on the 6 main world religions and has a calendar of religious festivals.  Interactive resources for KS2

Activities and resources for KS1 and KS2 

Bible activities and resources

Online learning and support pages





ttps:// (KS1) (KS2) (KS1) (Woodlands site)