Tours while Covid restrictions are in place: Unfortunately while Covid restrictions are still in place we are unable to hold open events to see the school. However, we are still able to organise tours for single family groups. If you would like to arrange a tour please contact the office (01732 350601).


Long Mead Community Primary School is a school for boys and girls aged between three and eleven years. There are three Key Stages in the school - Foundation Stage, which consists of the Nursery and Reception, Key Stage 1 (Infant Department) and Key Stage 2 (Junior Department). If you are considering placing your child at our school we will be pleased to make arrangements for you to visit the school and to discuss your child’s education with The Head of School.

Nursery aged children are generally admitted in September and January each year. Your child may be admitted into the Nursery from the age of three. Places are very limited and restricted to twenty-six children in each session. Children currently attend for 3 hours each day in either morning or afternoon sessions. We recommend that you register your child by contacting the school office as soon as possible.
Under a new government initiative (Free For Two) children may also be admitted at the start of the term during which they become three but only if they meet certain criteria for example, they live in a household where the adults qualify for Free School Meals or they are a Child Looked After by the Local Authority. For full details please see our Preschool Admissions policy or ask at the school office.
Whilst in the Foundation Unit, your child will move to Reception, but it is necessary to complete a CAF primary application form as transfer is not automatic.
KCC currently control admission to all schools in Kent for children joining at the start of Reception, they can be contacted on 03000 416 111 or by using the link below. Forms can also be obtained from the school office.
If you are moving into the area, or for other reasons seeking a new school for your child, not via the normal Reception aged admission entry, then please complete the two forms following the links below or obtain paper copies by contacting the school office. Click here for the Admission form and Application form (KCC). If the curriculum year for which you are applying for your child is full, we will apply the over-subscription criteria laid out in our admissions policy. We always welcome new parents to visit the school as part of the admissions process.
For admission to Bright Stars Preschool please complete their application form
To send an email to the school office please click here or phone 01732 350601.
Please click on the link to take you to the KCC Admissions page.
Please click on the link for full details of our main school's Admissions Policy and click here for the Pre -school Admissions Policy

To view the Long Mead CP Admissions policies for 2021 and 2022 click here.