What Woodpecker Class will be learning...

Our topic this term is...

Florence Nightingale

Have a look at the table below to show what we will be learning plus much more.


Florence Nightingale

Instruction Writing


Fairy tales


Non-fiction – Recounts


Poetry – Calligrams



Properties of shape

Healthy Living


Food groups


Health and hygiene

Using programmes to create, organise, store and manipulate information. (Power point)


Precise instructions

How medicine and treatments have changed






Significant people and their lives


Significant events beyond living memory

Aerial photos


Features and routes on a map


Compass directions


Continents and oceans


Contrasting non-European comparison

Painting and portraiture


Colour mixing

Healthy menus


Three Course Meal for the parents


The church in the community/Baptism


Making our own medicines


Herbal medicines

Untuned instruments

Experimenting and creating music

St John Ambulance Visit


World Book Day


Safer Internet Day


Museum of Kent Life